Monday, April 17, 2017

ICL Month 1 / PRK Month 4: Another Follow-Up Appointment

Last week I had another follow-up appointment. Everything was good. ICL vault was still high but not causing any inflammation and not blocking the iridotomy so the vault probably won't cause increased eye pressure (glaucoma). The white haze or fog I was experiencing in my left (ICL) eye is much, much better and I feel like my ability to see contrast is nearly back to "normal."

I could (barely, after staring for a while) read all of the letters on the 20/20 line with my right (PRK) eye and easily read all of the 20/15 letters with my left (ICL) eye. In practice, my vision out of my right eye definitely does not seem like 20/20. When it's bright/sunny, which is almost every day here, the glare makes everything in the distance blurry and I can't read even large street signs, even with sunglasses on. I don't know if this has really gotten better in the last few months so we'll see if it improves any more. Vision out of my ICL eye is incredible during the day. It's good at night too, but I do see halos around lights still.

Interestingly, my aniseikonia has switched, so now the picture out of my right eye is smaller than the vision out of my left eye! Not only is the right eye image smaller, but it's slightly shorter, like everything is slightly squished vertically. It's been difficult to get used to, and I notice it most when I'm reading. It's like my eyes aren't working together completely, which maybe they never were and I just never paid as much attention to my vision as I have in the past four months.

Allergy season for me has also started so I've started taking antihistamines everyday. This has made my eyes drier but it's not too bad. I'm trying to use less of the preservative free lubricating eye drops but sometimes I still need them. I'm going to try Systane gel drops to see if that relieves the dryness, especially over night.

I'll have another follow up appointment in two months!

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