Monday, January 23, 2017

PRK Day 39: PRK Follow-Up and Visian ICL Measurements

Today I had an appointment that served two purposes: my one-month check-up for the PRK procedure I had in my right eye in December and repeat measurements for the Visian ICL to be implanted into my left eye in March.

PRK Update

My PRK update is pretty uneventful. I had my vision tested using the phoropter and Snellen chart, and I scored 20/30. This means I could see about the same number of letters at my 6 day follow-up appointment as I saw today, but my vision now is definitely crisper and I'm seeing more details. I should note, however, the my best corrected visual acuity (BCVA, so best vision I could get with glasses or contact lenses before PRK) was 20/25, so I'm pretty close! I couldn't get to 20/20 in that eye likely to due the cataract I was born with. I have a small amount of astigmatism left (formerly +1.5 now +0.5) which could potentially improve over the next few months. My eye pressure is great (sometimes the steroid drops can elevate eye pressure which can cause glaucoma). The tech said my eye was somewhat dry and to keep using the preservative-free eyedrops. I was then taken to a machine that mapped the shape of my corneas, and that was it for the PRK follow-up part of my appointment. 

In the last couple of days, the ghosting I was seeing has completely gone away. I'm still seeing some starbursts around bright lights both during the day and at night (like car headlights, TV light, etc.). My surgeon said this should improve over time as my cornea continues to heal. 

I am very happy I went through with PRK in my right eye and hope I see a bit more improvement in the next 3-6 months!

Visian ICL Update

I had a couple of measurements double-checked in my left eye for my upcoming Visian ICL surgery in March. The tech took me to another machine and said it takes "a bunch of measurements of your eye," like height and some other things I can't recall. Then the surgeon came in a took a white-to-white measurement to compare to the ultrasound measurement for sizing the ICL. 

I asked the surgeons some questions about potential complications, specifically from the iridotomy (small hole in the iris to prevent increased eye pressure and glaucoma) and from the ICL itself. She said that she hasn't encountered patients with the side effect of glare or white lines from the iridotomoy, but it's always a risk. I then asked about the risks of cataracts, which is the most common complication of posterior chamber ICL. At this point, it's a risk I'm willing to take. 

I'm nervous but looking forward to being able to see out of both eyes! For the last week, I've been wearing my glasses (with -11.00 in my left lens and non-prescription in my right eye) so they could get accurate measurements today of my eye that will have an ICL. Wearing my glasses has given me some terrible eye strain due to aniseikonia, where my left eye sees the world much smaller than my right eye. Even if I need glasses for driving after I get the ICL, today is the last day I'll ever have to wear my coke-bottle lens! There's no guarantee that the ICL will get me to 20/15, which is my current best corrected visual acuity in my left eye, but I should see a substantial improvement. 

My Visian ICL surgery is scheduled for the second week in March so I will post an update then. I'll probably also update about my PRK eye before then. 

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