Wednesday, December 21, 2016

PRK Day 6: Bandage Contact Lens Removal

It's been six days since my PRK surgery and today I had my first follow-up appointment at the laser eye center.

A fellow (I think? I didn't catch his name or title) came in and examined my eye, tested my vision, and removed the contact lens bandage. He used some scary looking tweezer instrument to grab the edge of the contact and then kind of slid it off my eye. Ouch! That hurt and it felt like there was something in my eye for the rest of the day.

My surgeon then came in and said everything looked great and I was seeing 20/30! It seems like my vision is way worse than that, but I'm having some pretty significant sensitivity and starbursts around lights which makes it hard to see especially when I'm outside.

I'm to stop the antibiotic in Friday and decrease the steroid drops to two times per day until I run out, at which point I need to continue a lower-level steroid for two more months. My next follow-up appointment is in about a month, at which point we'll hopefully schedule the Visian ICL surgery for my left eye!

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