Monday, February 13, 2017

PRK Day 60 (Two Months): Some Observations about my Changing Vision

Well, it's been 60 days--or about two months--since my PRK surgery in my right eye. My vision is still up and down, and I have good days and bad days. If I squint I can see very well, but I sometimes still having blurry distance vision and double-vision and always have starbursts.

Morning vs. Evening 

This biggest difference in my vision is still morning versus evening. When I wake up, my vision is very crisp and clear. I still have starbursts around lights regardless of how dark or bright the environment is but I don't have any ghosting or double/vision. When I first wake up my vision is as good, if not better, than it was with glasses or contacts pre-surgery.

As the day goes on, especially if I do a lot of computer work or reading (which is all day, 6 days a week for me due to my job), my vision deteriorates pretty rapidly (within the first hour or so of waking up. Even though I use eyedrops every 30-60 minutes when I'm on the computer, I develop ghosting or double/triple vision pretty quickly. I try to take breaks every 10-20 minutes to look out the window, which I think helps a little bit.

If I take a nap, my vision is crystal clear again when I wake up.

Light vs. Dark Environment

I also notice some differences between light and dark environments. When it's really bright outside, or there are a lot of lights on, my vision is much worse. Sunglasses help somewhat, but not completely. I notice that when I'm on the bus with my sunglasses on and looking out through the tinted (maybe polarized?) windows, everything looks super clear. But when I get off the bus and still have my sunglasses on, everything gets fuzzier. I'm going to purchase some sunglasses that are polarized and see if that helps.

In dark environments, like inside with the curtains closed and just one light on or outside on a really overcast day, my vision is much better. I think I actually see better at night than I did before with contacts or glasses, with the exception of starbursts coming from headlights and traffic lights. Halogen headlights are especially bothersome. 

Near Distance Vs. Far Distance

My near vision, within about 20-30 feet, is pretty good all the time. I don't notice it fluctuate very much depending on time of day or brightness. My reading vision out of just my right eye has never been great due to the cataract--I need more lights on to read printed things or more contrast on the computer. Pre-surgery, I could see about six inches in front of my face without contacts or glasses. Now I can see pretty clearly for 20-30 feet all the time.

However, when I've been awake and reading and/or it's really bright out, my vision past 20-30 feet will get blurred due to ghosting or double/triple vision and glare. I won't be able to read street signs or license plates from afar. I also notice that it takes a long time for me to refocus on objects that are far away after I've been looking at things close up for an extended amount of time. If I look at the window right now, for example, the tree in the distance looks somewhat blurry. But if I blink a bunch of times and stare at the tree, it comes into better focus in about five seconds. I'm not sure if this is due to dry eye or what. But then everything just starts over with a new day, with great vision in after I wake up!

A few days ago I started using the steroid drops just two times a day, which is down from 3 times a day. I'll take the drops for about one more month and then I'll be free! My next PRK follow-up appointment will be at three months after my PRK surgery, which will be the same appointment as my ICL one-day follow up.

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